With a rich history dating back well over 100 years, Fargo Country Club has long been the club of choice for local business and community leaders, as well as families seeking the private club lifestyle.

historical photo of golfers

Fargo Golf Club is founded by a group of Fargo men interested in golf and becomes the first golf club in the state of North Dakota.

historical clubhouse photo

Now operating as Fargo Country Club, the club is granted non-profit status and purchases an additional 80 acres at the edge of town and constructs a second 9-hole golf course. The first clubhouse is constructed in 1917. Cost of stock was $100 and full annual dues were $30.

historical clubhouse exterior

Following an additional land purchase, the club builds and opens the first 18-hole golf course in the state of North Dakota.

historical aerial view

During this period, two gentlemen lived in a tent on the banks of the Red River near the present #18 tee. There used to be dense undergrowth there and the tent was not very visible. In fact, the river itself wasn't visible from the clubhouse. One of the men worked for the greenskeeper, and the other for Mrs. Dow - the Head Golf Professional's wife - in the kitchen. In 1932, the Board of Directors ordered a study of plans for a complete watering system and for a revamping of the clubhouse.

newspaper headline about fire

A fire breaks out in the clubhouse and destroys it. The new clubhouse is built in 1934. Using proceeds from slot machines operated on club property, FCC builds the golf course's first irrigation system. These slot machines remained in operation at the club and provided valuable income until shortly after WWII when a state-wide crackdown on gambling forced their removal.


The clubhouse undergoes the first significant renovation. Subsequent renovations would take place in 1965, 1981, 1995 and 2010.

historical photo of golfers

FCC decides to build another nine holes along the Red River south of the clubhouse. The new nine opens to members in 1963. The original "upper nine" holes are sold for residential and commercial usage.


The FCC tennis courts are built.


FCC hosts the US Junior Amateur Championship, becoming the first club in North Dakota to host a national USGA event.


The club hosts its second USGA event, the Women's Trans National Amateur Golf Championship.


Club completes a full-scale clubhouse renovation that includes new dining facilities, locker room, sports bar and other amenities.


FCC comes under new management with Troon, the world's largest professional club management company.

banquet hall

FCC celebrates its 125th anniversary with a grand gala and proposals for upcoming renovations, including an outdoor splash pad, state-of-the-art trophy room, and an indoor/outdoor bar area overlooking the pool.